Your blogpost soundtrack: ANIMALS by Talking Heads

Recently Kelly was at the animal shelter to help our neighbor choose a cat for her daughter when I got a text from her asking “What do you think?” and with that we now are the proud parents of 4 cats and 2 dogs (with a hamster and fish coming soon). Let’s meet ’em all, shall we?

IMG_8634.JPGFirst, here’s Milo, the three-legged cat. He’s the “what do you think” cat. He’s Kelly’s lovebug

IMG_8681.JPGNext is Puma. He’s my cat (bonus video to follow)

IMG_8314Meet Lulabelle, the only female cat we have. She’s Liam’s baby.

IMG_8719Hey, says Thea, don’t forget MY cat. Well hello George.

IMG_8728.JPGSay hi to Dog, #1, Tina, she’s wonderful but a little on the hyperactive side

IMG_8551.JPGIf you’re gonna have a three-legged cat then you better have a mostly blind dog. Hank fills that role admirably.


I had a cold recently and once when I sneezed Puma made those sounds a cat does when it sees a bird out the window, THEN I found out he would do it every time I made a sniffle sound. Don’t believe me? Here is proof