Every year you hear how you’re gonna die if you eat stuffing that was cooked inside the turkey so this year I’m trying this approach to the stuffing before I put it in the oven. It’s so incredibly simple and brilliant. (Thank you ATK)

First off, make the stuffing you or your family loves. Stick to traditions. Then do the following:

Add Turkey wings before you bake.

1. Prep wings
Cut through the joint with a sharp chef’s knife. If the turkey wing comes with a tip, cut through this joint as well.

2. Brown Wings
Sear the turkey wings to trigger the flavor-producing Maillard reaction. Remove them from the skillet.

3. Sauté Aromatics
Cook the chopped onions and celery in rendered fat and butter to develop a savory flavor base.

4. Deglaze with Broth
Deglaze the pan with broth to release the fond and capture every last bit of flavor. Add mixture to dried bread cubes.

5. Top, Cover, BakeTop the stuffing with the browned wings, cover with aluminum foil to trap moisture, and bake.

Oh, and yes, I will still stuff the bird as well. Why? Cause I am a REAL seeker of danger, that’s why.