There’s 5 star human dining (see other posts) and then there is 5 star dog dining. Skyline Chili tops the list for the latter.

It originated in Cincinnati, OH where I went to college and thankfully opened locations in Cleveland. Then, there were those two blissful years when they actually opened locations here in DC. In fact, when they shuttered the DC locations my brother and a friend of his literally purchased all of the frozen “meat” sauce they use to top the noodles so for awhile we had exclusive access whenever we wanted. Since then the company has decided to sell frozen microwavable versions in grocery stores and I can get my fix that way but the authentic experience can now only be found when I visit Cleveland ….. which, by the way, I will be doing in a couple of weeks. I’m sure I will wake up one of the mornings there with a wee (large) hangover and there is no better hangover food.