Kaspar by Fraudulent Productions

In the mid-90’s I was both building manager for a unitarian church and kitchen manager for a dinner program serving homeless women a good meal.

One of my duties as building manager was to bring in outside events and generate revenue. One of luckiest connections I made was with John Spitzer, a mad, art-skewing director and founder of Fraudulent Productions, an experimental, avant-garde theater group here in D.C.

It didn’t take long for John’s charisma to draw me in and all of a sudden I found myself the production manager fora company created and written piece called ‘Dreamfreak.’ I even had a small part in a video segment that played on a TV screen at one point during the production.

When that production ended we were onto the next and I was asked to produce it. The play, ‘Kaspar‘ by Peter Handke and was a pet project of John’s.

The supportive climate for alternative art here in D.C. has never been great and the production was shelved.

Five years later it was revived and I flew in from my home at the time of San Francisco to see it. I was not disappointed.