Because Cleveland is a working class town people there live a little harder and worry less about things like calories and heart attacks.

Today’s post is about one of my favorite Cleveland foods. Butter Cheese Pizza. What makes up a butter cheese? With tongue firmly planted in cheek here’s the recipe:

Pizza dough, melted butter and cheese.

One of many quintessential Cleveland moments growing up was when I’d go to Maria’s to pick my pizza up. This was back in the day when you could smoke in restaurants so I’d go in and see people alternating between drags off their butt and bites of butter cheese pizza. Gotta love Cleveland.


I don’t live and Cleveland anymore and Maria’s closed sadly so I can’t even get my fix when I visit but my obsession not only lives on but has been passed to a new generation. Every once in a while I’ll stop by the local pizzeria and buy some fresh dough, bring it back and make butter cheese with the kids who, of course, LOVE it.

I know it sounds kinda disgusting but man, oh man, it is TASTEEEEEE