Sometime in the fog of the early 90’s a group of friends and I had a “band” whose real purpose was as a means to get together and drink. We called ourselves ‘Naked Bulb’ because there was a hanging light in our rehearsal space without a shade. Any associations to the Beats was purely unintentional. Our original name was ‘Surrender Dorothy’ until we found out that there was an actual band called that. We changed the name to avoid any legal entanglements (uh huh).

My friend Bob is an accomplished drummer and I was self-taught so drumming was out. Since everyone else actually played an instrument I became the default singer.

Some of the songs we played were “Psycho Killer, Walk on the Wild side and Roadhouse Blues.” The intention to use the band as a means to drink is why those are the only songs I remember.

One Friday night we were playing at someones party and I caught a glimpse of what it’s like to actually be in a band. We were doing “Roadhouse Blues” (a fave) and as I was beginning to get into it two young guys stood two feet in front of me as if they were actually an audience and it was trippy to see these guys listening to us as if we were actually worth listening to.

The picture above is of Bob and me (in the back) as we were leaving a liquor store having procured our contribution to the beer chest.

FYI. The band has broken up so I guess you’ll have to find some other form of entertainment for your next shindig.