This link at first made me sad but then it got me thinking about when I worked in a store as a kid. It was 1978 and I was fresh out of college (more like they were fresh out of me) and I got the job as the import buyer for a small, local shop called The Right Place, in North Olmsted, OH.

I was made the import guy because no one else was into anything other than American music. One was into the 60’s, the other into folk, another was into country and a fourth into rock and roll.

We used to take turns putting on music and I usually got the most calls to “take that shit off!” I also had my own following of music geeks who would ask me about obscure 12″ versions (preferably on colored vinyl) and working there was nothing but fun.

Oh, did I mention that in addition to the record shop there was a full blown head shop in back. Lots of memories there if I could remember them.

This link, however, makes me happy.