It’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to seeing a band as much as I am today. Wicked Knee is a side project of Billy Martin’s (drummer for Medeski, Martin and Wood). They think of themselves “as a juke joint band, if there is such a thing.” but really they range from avant-garde to funk to the blues, etc.

Most are members of the legendary “Lounge Lizards,” a downtown New York Jazz group from the early 80’s that I had the good fortune of seeing once in a church in Cleveland.

Wicked Knee is Billy Martin on drums and percussion, Curtis Fowlkes on slide trombone, Steven Bernstein on trumpet and Marcus Rojas on tuba (he also acts as the “bass” player.

Even though it’s a school night Kelly and I are making the 3 hour trip up tonight and will drive back after the show. Yes, we’re taking tomorrow off to recuperate though I have a funny feeling the music will have its own recuperative powers.

I so appreciate that she enjoys joining me on these musical adventures. It means the world to me to share them with her.

Here’s Wicked Knee performing “El Ritmo” from their only EP in the studio.

And here they do their brass band take on White Stripes “The Hardest Button to Button.”