With Thanksgiving now over I really wanted to come see Mom and sit with her for a spell. Kelly told me that we had a little bit of Icebox cake left over and that I should take it with me and give it to her.

When we were kids we only had Lady Finger pudding (Mom’s name for it) twice a year. Thanksgiving and Christmas so it was a really big deal.

As a child I imagined it must have had some really expensive ingredients in it or was really hard to make when in fact it is incredibly simple.

Anyway, when I got to the care facility I spooned a bite into her mouth and her face LIT UP. Who knows what intimate memories with her past she may or may not have had but she sure connected with the taste.

After 10 spoonfuls or so she started to drift off so I stroked her hair and kept whispering that I loved her over and over till she finally fell asleep.

Today was both sweet and kind of hard and I’m glad I went. Thanks for the idea, Kel.