I had one of the best Thanksgivings in quite awhile. Kelly’s sister Heather came down from New Jersey with her partner Amy and the next door neighbor came with her three kids and joined Kelly, Thea, Liam, me and Todd.

I was the primary cook and made the traditional dinner my Mom would have done:

Turkey with Sage dressing
Mashed potatoes
For dessert, Icebox cake.

Other contributions included Kelly’s amazing Cranberry “relish”
Saira (from next door) slow braised a Leg of Lamb
Sweet Potatoes
Heather and Amy brought a slew of various Vegan dishes
Corn on the cob and Rolls

It was a lot better than yesterday’s dinner, that’s for sure.

Afterwards, the kids treated us to a dance and fashion show that was a blast to watch.
Lastly, I just wanted to say thanks Mom. You weren’t there but your years of slaving in a hot kitchen and what I learned by watching (and eating!) were enjoyed by everybody. Happy Thanksgiving Ma!