I have been a devoted fan of Philip Glass since I first saw he and his ensemble perform “The Photographer” back in 1982. Right after that I saw Koyaanisqatsi in it’s first theatrical release and was blown away.
I’ve seen him perform with symphonies, collaborate with Allen Ginsberg and been witness to the ensemble play live to both the aforementioned Koyaanisqatsi as well as Powaqqatsi and although I would have LOVED to have seen Einstein on the Beach today I got closest to experiencing one of his operas, namely, the Met in HD performance of Satyagraha.
Kelly says it best as far as how the Met is advancing opera into the digital age so I’ll just say that it was a moving and at times tear jerking experience. Later, I found out that the Baltimore Symphony is performing the music he wrote to accompany a multimedia show called LIFE: A Journey Through Time and we are most definitely going to attend.
My only wish is that, at 75, he tours one more time with his ensemble. Pretty please!?