Last year Kelly and I were totally surprised and blown away when we saw this band of Tuareg nomadic musicians play at the 9:30 club. Tonight we get to walk into the show having a clear sense of what it is we will be witnessing.
Tinariwen plays a hybrid of traditional African desert music mixed with American blues and the result live is a trance type music that heavily relies of subtle yet powerful grooves.
Unfortunately, there are three bands preceding them and only one that is remotely interesting which means they aren’t scheduled to come on till 10:45pm. We’ve got our plan and it involves one thing. Seeing them! If we miss the others, eh….
Hopefully, I’ll have some pics from the show tomorrow to post, perhaps even a little audio snippet if the recording I plan on doing turns out.
Either way, if you’re in DC and don’t mind a late night you should really consider coming along. It really was one of the best shows we saw last year (and we saw many!)