A couple of nights ago Kelly and I were sitting at the dining table talking to Thea about scary movies we had seen as kids and we both shared our experiences with Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”
I saw the movie for the first time on the ABC Sunday Night movie probably around 1966 or so and, of course, the movie terrified me.
Given that it was a Sunday night I went to bed right after the movie ended, full of potential nightmares of birds swooping down on me, clueless of the real terror I was to experience.
Somehow, on a Sunday night, my Dad found a few small stuffed birds, attached them to thread, and dangled them just over my face so the first thing I saw when I woke up Monday morning was a group of birds 6 inches from my face. Needless to say I freaked out and waved at the birds as my Dad stood in the doorway to my room laughing. 
Who needs emotional boot camp when you’ve got a loving Father?
So, fast forward to Sunday night and talking with Thea. Really this is about that classic “things kids say” more than anything so as I finish telling her about my Dad Kelly says, 
KELLY: “WOW. That’s awful. Did you punch him in the face?” because that’s her default response to terrible people doing terrible things.

MIKE, “No, he was too tall.”

KELLY: “Well then did you…” and was going to say “kick him in the shins?”

THEA filled in the sentence with “Kick him in the nuts?
To which, our reaction was: