Last night Kelly, my friend Bob and I went to the 930 to see Peter Hook (of Joy Division and New Order) perform the first Joy Division LP Unknown Pleasures in its entirety.
I know there’s some debate out there about whether it’s cool to retro your old stuff out and bring it on the road but I was 22 when Ian Curtis died (lead singer and lyricist for JD) and they never made it to the States so I didn’t feel as bad about it.
First off, Pleasures is an amazing collection of music brought to fruition through the production wizardry of Martin Hannett but hearing it live gave it a completely new way to listen to it. Raw, powerful and a reminder that kids used to get into music to express complicated inner emotions as compared to the plethora of “star vehicle” media shows that spit out forgettable pop stars playing forgettable music (but they sure are pretty!).
The groin remote was in action again last night so here for your listening pleasure is Peter Hook and band performing Transmission

Recorded 12/01/10 by “Blind” Lemon Pye