The Fashionable People, [title first used for “The Critic” in LIFE Magazine],
published December 6, 1943
One thing I really like about being infected with Nablopomia is that you end up writing about things you like but might not share usually. Today I’m writing about Weegee, one of my favorite New York photographers.
Beginning in the 30s Weegee traversed Manhattan armed with a cigar, a camera and a police scanner and spent the next few decades cataloging the side of New York only those who lived it knew.
Murders, prostitution, cross-dressers, dive bar freaks, fires and love, Weegee has you covered.
Listen to a rare radio interview with Weegee in the 40s.
If you want to see more (it’s OK, no one’s gonna tell) check out this online site devoted to his work.