Today at work has so far been one of those days I get to say how lucky I am. First, a little backstory. In 1992 Peter Gabriel released his record “Us” and for it he commissioned artists to interpret the songs, Jeremy is one of the artists featured.
Today he was visiting the museum from his home in South Africa and whenever an artist is in the museum we videotape them in conversation for future use. 
Before the interview, Karen, the curator who would be asking him questions brought him into my office to meet me. I immediately jumped into a conversation about the work he did for PG and found out that he was staying with Gabriel because there is a master printmaker just minutes down the road from Real World studios.
In 2005 the museum had an exhibit for contemporary African artists called Insights and Wafer was in the show. To see his work and more of the show check out the web site I did for the it. 
African Form III