Apple has this paid service called MobileMe. With it, you get mac email, online calendar, etc. All the stuff you can get elsewhere for free. One thing you can’t get elsewhere is a technology called “Find my iPhone.” It uses Google maps and the GPS in the phone to locate your phone should you lose it. Yesterday, I lost it.

When I discovered it missing I went to my computer at work and launched the app. In 20 seconds it showed me this:

The first time it showed it as being near the front door of the Castle so first I went out to look for it. I didn’t find it so I sent this message to the phone to let whoever had it know that I was tracking it.
Apparently it worked. I must have freaked the person out who found it. According to the SI guard who called later he had just happened to go outside (probably for a smoke) and as soon as the person saw him he ran over and said. “Here’s the iPhone that’s lost!” The guard, an iPhone user, took ownership of it, called, and I got it back.