So, it’s coming up on two weeks since I started taking the Chantrix and boy is it interesting and does it SUCK!

The initial problem with nausea left after the first day and I was thinking, “This won’t be so bad.”

That is until somewhere between the second and third night when my body was entered by another version of me. Since then I’ve been struggling between what I know to be true. That I am healthy, in fairly decent shape and am emotionally balanced and creative with this ghost of me which has the power and directs me to be irritable, unable to go to sleep, lacking in confidence and unable to remember that there is anything that matters below my waist.

Another thing that sucks is the Mike that has taken me over isn’t nearly as smart as the real one is. In fact, he’s a total idiot. Everything he’s telling my body to do right now is the direct opposite of what my nature is and the beliefs about life I hold.

Two and a half more months of this. Can’t fucking wait. It will be a miracle if I have any friends after this.