Dad is the dark, cool guy at the wheel

For some reason (being male for starters?), my Dad didn’t really share much of his past. The stories that did make it out almost make you understand why.

Anyway, in addition to the many things he did one of them was musician, specifically drums. When I was a kid, everyone had record players that could easily play records recorded at 16, 33 1/3, 45 and 78. Not today. USB turntables only spin at the common 33 and 45 speeds so when I uncovered the only existing copy of the time my Dad and a bunch of his friends purchased time in a recording studio I had to find a way to digitize it. Thankfully, my Mom gave me an old console stereo that plays at 78 so I set the needle down and here, for your listening pleasure is the song Melancholy baby. By the way, it’s an a capella version with Dad providing the scat singing and drums (brushes, really).