This blog is not going to turn into some enlightened anti-smoking read, or worse, one mans “obsession” with quitting. Only days that mean something or contribute to a story. Having said that….I have a story!

Today is the first day I am supposed to take two 0.5 mg tabs, both critically WITH food otherwise it’s more creative images of cartoons throwing up.
First pill was no problem. I had it with lunch. The second, however, took awhile because Kel and I went to see Joanna Newsom at the Synagogue at 6th & I here in DC. Luckily, the venue is near Chinablock so we were able to sit down to a couple of Steamed pork plates (terrible, terrible). Problem was I forgot to take the pill at dinner with food now didn’t have any water (the Synagogue, being a holy place) doesn’t sell any consessions and didn’t want to risk missing the show by being ill so later, I made myself something to eat at 11:30 and took it with water, thus, keeping myself on schedule. So far, nothing to write home about so all is good.