So, I’ve decided after 29 years of sucking nicotine that I’m quitting. Why? Basically, I had a chest x-ray last week that came up negative and it occurred to me that maybe I’ve been dodging a bullet for awhile now.
So, I read the instructions for the drug I’m taking, Chantrix and then didn’t follow them. The main one being taking it with food. Since I didn’t the day was a wash as I was awash in nausea. Felt like I was gonna die. 
Kelly did some research with Dr. Google and found that the food thing (as well as a full glass of water) is critical. We’ll see tomorrow.
BTW, the image above was Warren Zevon’s signature image for most of his career. I actually used to have a real human skull that my Grandpa, who was a Dentist, had on his desk to illustrate to patients the work he was going to be doing. I bring that up because way before Mr. Zevon used this picture. I had my skull clasping a cigarette in it’s teeth. Maybe by quitting I won’t end up like Warren.