March 7th is my birthday and anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy other peoples birthdays much more than my own. It’s not that I don’t mind being born. To me, everyday is everyone’s birthday but I digress.

So, MY birthday weekend began with friends and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland 3D. It was, to me a return for Burton. The whole film, from cast to story to technical stuff and direction is solid. Afterwards and after making the mistake of going to some douche bar called Rockets, Kelly and I walked the group to a little bar we used to go grab a drink at back in our American Art days.

On Saturday, it was family day. Kel invited me over for dinner and she made my favorite dish she makes, Kima. YUM! Afterwards, we all gathered around a cake and they sang Happy Birthday to me (below, audio only). She gave me a new leather cuff and the kids each gave me a card they drew for me.

And, finally, yesterday, she took me to dinner at the Inn at Little Washington. W O W.
Had a awesome dinner. Started in the sitting area. She had an Old Fashioned and I, a Martini. After, they seated us at the table to the right in the picture. Kel ordered a bottle of Malbec and the game began.
First, they set down four spoons with little tastes of:
Beet Mousse (AMAZING)
Mini Baked Potato (Cute, but, whatever)
Risotto balls (AMAZING)
Black Cod (Great, not amazing)
then Roasted Red Pepper soup (Yummy, but I can’t eat peppers. I did taste it though)
A four course meal followed. We created a plan to maximize our collective order.
First course:
Carpaccio of Herb Crusted Baby Lamb with Caesar Salad Ice Cream (AMAZING)
Veal Tongue Raviote (AMAZING)

Second course:
Homemade Boudin Blanc (White sausage) (A let down)
Hot and Cold Foie Gras with Sauternes Jelly (AMAZING)

Third course
Lamb loin w/ braised Lentils and Seared Foie Gras (AMAZING)
Rabbit Loin on house cured Pancetta (Yummy, but nothing spectacular

Port and an amazing Cheese cart selection. (AMAZING)

Thanks Kel for the happiest birthday I have had in decades (you can say that when you’re in your 50s)