Here’s mine (with me and my brother). Goddess of a woman. She is, and was, among many other things …… Glue, sweat, sacrifice, kind, loving, unappreciated, a mystery.
How’s that list stack up against your Mom’s list or the list of current Mom’s you know? Bet there are more than a few similarities if you’re honest with yourself.
My Mom was forced to transform from a shy, unassuming girl into the foundation for three boys (that would be two sons and one father), each with their own sense of boyness. She wanted children in the 50s yet was out the door soon after the births to pursue her career and act as the main breadwinner, balancing I’m sure, the insecurities my Dad must have felt at not being the consistent head of the house (although he acted the part). Tough, deft, subtle responses meant to keep as much order in the house as possible. It was amazing be the recipient of it then and amazing now when I see it before me.
Two days after Thanksgiving I want to turn the volume up again today and say thanks, not only to my Mom, but to all Mom’s out there. It is 24/7 and mainly a thankless deal.
Thank you.
BTW, Guys, I think it looks like they enjoy it all the time but they actually don’t. Take from that what you will.