Just a month after 9/11/01 Apple released to the world the iPod. A week later they showed up at the San Francisco Apple User group held at the beautiful Exploratorium. Burning head-to-toe with tech lust I attended so I could see for myself this little device which still had yet been released to the public.

That’s me in the center wearing the green sweater. In the hand of the guy in front of me (making me second in line) is a just announced but not yet released first generation 5GB iPod. Another minute and my lust would be temporarily satiated until I could get home and place an order for one, which I, of course, did.

It was such a thrill then to get on a train and watch the tech lust spread about the area as people tried their best to catch a look at this device causing so much buzz. And, since most people use Windows, a device they could not use. The first gen iPod was Mac only if you remember and only those 3% of the computer user population could fully use one. I guess the other 97% could have bought one to look at but…

Eight years and eight iPods later I finally got an iPhone.