You tell me but I think my brother Jack always had a secret Hitler thing going on but first a little context.

When we were kids our Dad was an established collector of memorabilia. In the early to middle sixties his “thing” was German war artifacts. We had a huge Nazi flag hanging in the spare bedroom that neighbors could plainly see, a Kaiser helmet, a three foot tall disarmed torpedo and other “Kraut” related items. So, for awhile, my brother and I lived in a house that, by todays standards, would most likely have been subject to who knows what!

Basically, Dad would go full bore on a topic and collect the Hell out of it only to get bored and move onto the next collectible. His sports collection became legendary after his death.

Anyway, one day in 1990, Jack and I made a short film for his wife Kathy and their upcoming new daughter Colleen and shaving off his full beard was a required part of a costume for a role he was playing so this pic is probably not about my brother and any Hitler thing, I just wanted to grab your attention. I was the one who took the pic in the first place when I could stop laughing.