I understand that not everyone likes a good cup of coffee in the morning but to me it is ESSENTIAL! There is something wrong with me if I am not walking the halls of work with a cup in my hand. It is, in fact, the energy behind writing this post.

What’s my favorite brew since most people I know have one? Peets Coffee by far! I discovered it when I lived in San Francisco. It is, in fact, the inspiration for Starbucks. They took the ideas that Peets started and turned it into the mega-venti cup that exists on every street corner.

BUT! There is one other way I know to ingest this elixir that is Heaven sent and it is called Pocket Coffee’s. They used to be almost impossible to find here in the States as they are produced in limited runs in Italy but I have found them in DC stores. Basically. they are a shot of real espresso inside a praline cookie that is covered in chocolate. Bite into one and you get a burst of espresso. Effing Heaven!!!!

Buy these for yourselves….NOW!