So one Friday night back in 1980 I came home from work with the intention of ingesting a certain hallucinogenic and laying low for the night. A month prior to that my girlfriend at the time had broken up with me but I was cool and looking forward to my night. After dinner I took said hallucinogenic and all was fine till the phone rang, it was my ex calling to say she missed me, blah, blah, blah so I got off the phone and started to get REALLY bummed out as you might imagine.

Not wanting to be alone anymore I set out and hooked up with some friends and had some beers. When I got back home at 10:30 I thought to myself, “Nice life. this is what you’re doing on a Friday night!” so I sat down and was getting even more bummed out as I turned the TV on. There was Dallas and as the show played I began to laugh at how stupid it was and thought “this is what America thinks is good Friday night drama?” Please.

So now, everything that had, up to that point, made me sadder and sadder turned into a stream of absurdity.

Life was good again and almost made sense. After the news my TV therapy came full circle when I put the show Fridays on. Fridays was ABC’s answer to SNL and was a really good show. One of their favorite bands was DEVO and the next video cemented my return to altered sanity. I especially love the gospel-ish tinged “I saw Jesus” bit before the song starts.

So thank you Dallas and thank you DEVO for giving me a much needed perspective. That ex and I never got back together.