I know it’s been awhile since I posted the video of my blood bag being removed and since seeing me cry out in pain gave some of you a little joy I’ve decided to follow up with my newest medical invasion, namely the extraction of THREE teeth today at the office of my newest, most favorite Dentist, Armin Abron (plug to follow).

Basically, the teeth gene pool in my family isn’t the best. To illustrate here is a picture of my Dad a year or so before he died.

Dad and his winning smile!
The decision was made to extract three teeth, rebuild the bone loss and send me on my way. In two weeks I will have the stitches removed and work will begin to insert implants and return to me that shiny smile that dazzles all who cross my path.
So, without further ado. Watch in amazement as all three teeth get removed in just over a minute. My favorite part is the sound of the teeth hitting the bottom of the plastic cup.
There is a fair amount of blood here but rest assured, no animals were harmed during the making of this movie.

Armin was so cool about letting me video this that I wanted to share his office info with you. Great guy, superb dentist. Thanks man for a job well done.