Mike, Liam, Kelly’s Ouzo (1/2 finished) and Thea.
Yesterday was one of those kinda days. It started out innocently enough with Kelly and her two kids, Thea and Liam and I going to a Greek Festival at a local orthodox church. Kelly, being 1/4 Greek insisted that the Greeks are not tee-totallers. Man, was she right! We started off by each getting what we thought was a small glass of Ouzo and got the kids a cupcake each. The guy pouring FILLED one of those plastic cups to the top. After that we walked around and I bought the church’s Greek cookbook so, of course, some local Greek food was next. We decided to order things we never had before and followed up the Ouzo with a nice bottle of cheap Greek wine.
Everyone had a really good time at the festival but it was time to get her kids home plus we had plans to see the band “Hawk and a Hacksaw” at the Rock and Roll Hotel here in DC.
Still a bit woozy from a nap I picked her up and we went to the show. Small place and no one was there so we sipped a little day of “hair of the dog” in the form of whisky on the rocks and soon after “Hawk” came out. If you like the music from the band Devotchka you would like “Hawk” although I think they are even more traditional in their approach to music. For the last two songs they climbed off the stage and played acoustically as they mingled with the audience. Awesome show!

Listen to a snippet of Hawk and a Hacksaw recorded Sept. 20, 2009 by me at the Rock and Roll Hotel, DC