People, as we all know, have love affairs with many different things. I want to share one of my favorite Silver Spring ones today.
The Quarryhouse Tavern has been in the same basement location since the 1930’s. I was first introduced to it in the late 80’s. Back then they didn’t have a full liquor license and only served wine and beer. In those days there was another bar called “Captain White’s” down the street that was full service and beaten down to a beautiful perfection. Then, the only redeeming quality the QH had was that it was closer stumbling distance home.
In 2006 the tavern was sold to the owners of Jackie’s Restaurant and with it came a full liquor license as well as the day-to-day skills of Gordon Banks, the manager of the bar. Find me a less pretentious place in DC where you can buy a $25 bottle of beer that’s probably worth $25. Gordon expanded the selection to the point where you can order off a menu or just snap a can of PBR. He also was instrumental in turning the bar into a musically diverse club most nights in the back room.
See, I’m from Cleveland and I know a good bar when I see one. Lakewood, Ohio (my hometown) is maybe 4 to 6 miles wide yet on Madison avenue alone (one of three main parallel streets cutting though Lakewood) there are over 100 bars. The “Madison Marathon” celebrates any idiot who can have one beer in each of the bars. Bars in Cleveland are open in some cases 24 hours to accommodate factory workers (5pm is not the only quitting time for some people) so when I say the QH is the shit, it’s the shit.
It’s also a place where I only invite people who can appreciate its “dive bar” charm so since you’re reading this I guess that means you’re pre-approved as far as going to check it out sometime. If you’re in the neighborhood, give me a call. For those who are fellow QH peeps (Kelly, Bob, David, Brent, Brian, Heather, DB), who’s buyin’?