Today is the day I get my pain-in-the-ass blood bag removed.

Tonight I get to sleep in my bed for the first time in three days (Love my couch, but, c’mon, I’ve got a huge ass king size bed).

I don’t have to walk about with a physical extension of my inner workings either dangling and hurting like a MF or tucked into my underwear which, however weird it sounds, allowed me to temporarily forget I had a mainline directly into my stomach cavity.

In a word, “YAY!”

So I get to the Doc. The same man who I met for 10 mins and was soon cutting me was now before me looking at the blood bag and determining that progress was indeed happening. Rock on Doc. Let’s lose the tether!

And then ….

(Not for the squeamish). Normally I wouldn’t write this but in this case, well, just reference the title of this post.

If you listen closely you can hear me say OW! and later MOTHER FU….