In 1989 Lou Reed released his New York, New York CD. Critically, if not semi-popular to a wider audience there is, I would guess, not much dissent amongst fans of his music as to the import of this collection of people, places, provocations and stories.

One Summer night that year my friends Bob Kane and Mike Gracia and I were hanging in a bar when one of us read that Lou was playing that night at Merriweather Post Pavilion just outside D.C near Columbia, MD. The gift, somewhat hazy but there said, “Let’s go to the show! We’ll get shitty seats but who cares, It’s Lou doing New York!” So off we went.

When we arrived we went up to the ticket booth and asked for anything inside the Pavilion (most American cities have these kinds of venues so I’m sure you know what I mean) and were happy they still had tickets.

So ‘the gift’ comes up to us dressed as a ticket usher and asks for them. He takes them and we start walking down the long ass stairs that lead towards the stage. As we were walking all of us were craning as we looked to see three consecutive seats anywhere. The gift, on the other hand, keeps walking, keeps walking, and keeps walking until he can’t go any further. He hands us the stubs to our FRONT ROW CENTER seats and walks away.

What happened to the gift you ask? There are a 100 other things that could have happened that night and no one would have ever known.  IF the song doesn’t play when you click ‘play’ just hit on the link above it (Hey if you’re listening?).