Last night was up and down, to say the least. I was laying on the couch with the front door open enjoying the weather and watching Football when ALL OF A SUDDEN I was freezing cold. I mean Brrrrrr! I’m from CLEVELAND and I’ve never been this cold before. Against my new friend “Cut’s” wishes I kinda leapt up which killed my stomach in order to get warm. Ouch! Kelly, totally going the extra mile for me, came back and made me yummy homemade potato soup for tomorrow while asking Dr. Google about chills related to anaesthesia. I got warm by frying up some Pierogi’s.

WARNING! Blood Bag sighting directly below.

Because of this thing which will hang off me till Thursday I had the hardest time figuring out how to sleep. So, finally I figure it out and get into bed fairly pain free. Then I realized I had forgotten something so began to angle myself out of bed but misjudged where the floor was and sorta hung, suspended over the edge of my bed putting my stitches at the center of balancing. Bad combination! Baaaaaaaaaad.
So I decided to sleep on the couch which, by it’s nature, would keep me from moving too much. Got to sleep eventually.
Oh, as possible payback for my posting about No. Va. women and their makeup I offer this stunning glimpse into what we Ohio boys wear while shopping for flannel shirts.