Today, I had surgery to fix an umbilical hernia I’ve had from birth but from the minute I climbed into the cab to get to the hospital I knew (or at least I assumed) that everything would be fine.
It started with the driver who spent the entire time talking about her various surgeries and ended with her asking me to join hands with her as she called on Jesus to make sure it all went well (True!). When I got to the hospital I had to check in. As I was walking down the hall I saw the painting above. Wow! I thought, Jesus personally attends each surgery. It’s pretty obvious, though, that he has bad operating room manners, I mean, no gloves, no mask! I wonder if he even scrubbed. 
Kelly met me in the recovery room and listened as the nurse gave me my instructions. Good thing since I was way too out of it to pay attention. Thank you Kelly!
So now I am supposed to lay low for a week at home and lay off any heavy lifting. Really, though, what I want to do is take the bandage off and see the cut. One thing kinda weird is I have a drainage bag hanging off my stomach that is collecting any leftover blood but so far there hasn’t been much. Perhaps there will be more later tonight after I get back from my weekly Polka dance class.