I used to play wide receiver in organized touch football leagues when I was young. One game, after catching a pass I was pushed out of bounds, fell and broke my arm. It wasn’t bad so I stayed though the game. When I got home I called out “Hey, I think I broke my arm and need to go to the hospital.” My Mom wasn’t allowed to drive so my Dad did all the driving. 
Anyway, when I saw Dad and told him the first thing out of his mouth was “For Chrissakes, Kojak’s on!” So I, pissed off, said, “Fine, I’ll drive myself.” At the time I had a 1965 Ford Falcon. Cool car but it didn’t have power steering so it drove like a Tank. I got in and had to use one arm to turn the wheel. When I got to the Hospital the first thing out of the Doctors mouth was “How did you get here and where are your parents?”
“Kojak’s on and my Dad is watching it”, was my reply. 
Needless to say, Dad got a call and was there in 15 minutes, forever lacking in the conclusion to his Kojak episode.