Flat foot Floogee was a #1 song in the 30’s done by the artist Slim Gaillard. I first got hooked on him after seeing the film below on the best music show that no one watched, NBC’s Sunday Night (1989, 1990) and became a fan. A few years after my Dad had died my Mom and I were driving one day and I had a Slim CD playing in the car. When she heard “flat foot’ she said “your Dad LOVED this guy!” I didn’t know that because we never had the chance to really talk Jazz (something he loved so I initially rejected) before he went Bye-Bye.

This was 1994 and the whole Internets, email thing was starting to explode so in order to bring my Dad into this new perverse way of communicating every personal email address I’ve ever had is “floogee@whatever.”

There ya go.